The saga continues as Disney and Lucasfilm have lost yet another director for an upcoming Star Wars release. After the drama unfolded surrounding 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller exiting the yet untitled Han Solo film, Disney seemed less eager to create more drama. As it turned out, a few months later, Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow has left Episode IX. Speculation has risen as to who will direct the final installment of the new trilogy with industry sources claiming The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams or Last Jedi helmer Rian Johnson would ultimately take over the project.

While either one of them would be a great choice, they are the safe choice. Much like the original trilogy had three different directors all with very distinct styles, it would awesome for this new trilogy to do the same. So, I came up with a list of five directors who should direct the film, and who I believe would bring something unique to the Star Wars world even if they aren’t the most likely.

Denis Villeneuve

Of the five directors I’ve chosen, Denis would be the boldest choice. His visual style in films like Arrival and the look of the upcoming Blade Runner sequel could make Star Wars a visual tour de force. The world alone has some of the most unique elements visually of any cinematic franchise. Where Villeneuve may lack the most when it comes to taking over a Star Wars property, is humor. If you’ve seen any of Villeneuve’s previous films, comedic elements are rarely to be found. Star Wars has always had a charming comedic tone. However, Villeneuve is talented enough to work with comedic tones. But also, the third franchise in the new trilogy could likely be the darkest, which makes the choice that much better.

Ava DuVernay

With a strong female character front and center, who better than a uber-talented female director to guide us to the conclusion to her journey. Rey is an excellent character, and she would be in great hands with DuVernay at the helm. DuVernay proved with Selma she has a knack for paying attention to her characters and fleshing out the details. Moreover, the trailer for her newest film for Disney, A Wrinkle In Time has some stunning looking visuals. That movie being at Disney helps her chances as well. Though the Mouse House may not stick around until March 2018 to see how it goes. Episode IX is scheduled to shoot in January so it may not make sense. Then again, I did say my choices weren’t always likely.

The Russo Brothers

Perhaps the least likely on this list to take on a project like this, the Russo brothers are in the midst of tackling Marvel Studio’s biggest film(s) yet. Joe and Anthony Russo directed the best MCU film (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and were able to handle several characters in the wonderful Captain America: Civil War. The Russo’s have the perfect sense of fun and vision for action that would lend itself to a Star Wars film seamlessly. They get to know their characters and would be able handle the many characters at play that are set up in The Force Awakens alone.

Christopher Nolan

This is a bit of a cop out choice. Nolan hasn’t made a bad film. But I can dream can’t I? While Nolan’s days of franchise filmmaking seem to be behind him, how great would a Nolan Star Wars film be? We know his proclivity to direct action and in the criminally underrated Interstellar, we’ve what he can do with space. Granted, it does take more than just making a movie in space to be qualified to direct the worlds most iconic sci-fi franchise. However, Nolan’s ability to work within different genres would make his presence behind the camera of a Star Wars film a welcome one.

Michelle MacLaren

This probably would never happen, but she’s more than qualified. Having never directed a film, MacLaren has directed some of the best television episodes of the last 10 years. Her incredible work on Breaking Bad should be reason enough to get her the job. It is a pipe dream at this point Disney would take a first time director and put them behind the camera for their biggest franchise. Plus, MacLaren’s lack of directing action wouldn’t get her the job either. However, she was attached to Wonder Woman for a long time, and for good reason. Until, Ms. MacLaren transistions into cinema, this won’t ever happen. But I have confidence that she would kill it if chosen.

What do you think of our pics? Who do you want to direct Episode IX? Comment below and let us know!