August has ushered in some of the better movies to be released in 2017. And yet, August has usually always been a late summer dumping ground. We got a little bit of both worlds last month and ultimately the good outweighed the bad. The one rare aspect of August was nothing seemed to fall in the middle ground and the bigger movies flopped to some extent. Little films ruled the month and one in particular stood out.

The Best: Good Time
Josh and Benny Safdie’s hypnotic thrill ride Good Time is one of the years most unique films. Featuring a brilliant performance by Robert Pattinson, the movies dazzling, neon drenched journey through New York City grips you from the beginning and never lets go. Its synth inspired and boisterous score helps accent the movies dreamy atmosphere. It features a wonderful supporting cast and further proves that indie distributor A24’s choices have paid off in a big way.
Honorable Mentions: Wind River, Detroit, Logan Lucky

The Worst: The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Unlike the two films listed as “honorable” mentions below this, there isn’t anything this movie could have been but dumb. The movie is a way for Samuel L. Jackson to cuss every three minutes. The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a mind-numbing, unfunny spectacle that has barely made its money back in a couple of slow release weekends. The lack of potential with this movie is non-existent.
Honorable Mentions: Annabelle: Creation, The Dark Tower

The So-So
The Glass Castle