With the arrival of The Defenders to conclude the unofficial phase one of Marvel’s Netflix universe, the six series have spurned multiple opinions. So which one was the best? Thats exactly what we set out to do with this ranking of all the properties so far.

6. Iron Fist
There isn’t anything compelling or worth watching in this series. Ultimately, it does set up what eventually became the main villain in The Defenders. Nonetheless, Finn Jones, who was great in Game of Thrones, is bratty and turns in a less than stellar performance as Danny Rand. The side characters are some of the least interesting in this universe including a particularly cringe-worthy turn by David Wenham. The show has been renewed, and Danny Rand’s arc does improve a bit with The Defenders. However, this is the least exciting series of the four main entries. Season Score: 4.5/10

5. Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is leaps and bounds better than Iron Fist. Yet the show still isn’t top of the line as far as this universe. Kristin Ritter’s performance gives me similar pause to Finn Jones’ in Iron Fist. Jessica is cynical to a fault and has a sometimes annoyingly indifferent attidtude. All that aside, Jessica Jones has a solid villain, great story arcs and a sense that you want to see more from this character. Season Score: 6.0/10

4. The Defenders
The most recent of the series’ to hit Netflix, The Defenders is solidly crafted and features some really fun action. Much like it was a j0y to see The Avengers team up on screen for the first time, it is a blast to watch these four team up after their fairly successful stand alone shows. Though its villain is weak, the show pulls the best qualities out of each of its four leads. Perhaps one of the best aspects of The Defenders is seeing all the side characters come together and interact. Season Score 7.5/10

3. Luke Cage
What draws the viewer into Luke Cage, is the performances. This show is less about action and more about conversations. Parts of the season do feel a bit contrived to explain Luke’s origin. However, Luke Cage has some wonderful character moments and utilizes flashbacks very well. Mahershala Ali is great in the show, as is Erik LaRay Harvey as two of the shows central villains. It does, at times, suffer from villain overload, but Luke Cage is a terrific show. Season Score: 8.0/10

2. Daredevil, Season 2
It is tough to improve as the seasons go on for TV shows. There are lots of great tv series that have done it. Daredevil‘s second season comes very close to being on par with its first. This season features some brilliantly done action and dialogue heavy sequences between The Punisher and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Jon Bernthal was a welcome addition, but the season suffers from the lack of a cpativating villain. Still the season as a whole is solid. Season Score: 8.7/10

1. Daredevil, Season 1
Much like 2008’s Iron Man kicked off a mega franchise, Daredevil kicked off a TV franchise which ultimately led us to The Defenders. The first season of Daredevil is one of the most binge-worthy shows of recent memory. The pacing makes this season fly by, and the villain is still the best of the whole universe. Wilson Fisk is menacing as he attempts to take over Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil still remains the best series in this shared Netflix Universe. Season Score: 9.5/10

Which season is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!