IFC’s Brockmire has everything one could want. Raunchy comedy, a hilarious lead character and of course baseball. Hank Azaria as a Vin Scully type broadcaster is the character actor in true form. Accent and all, Jim Brockmire feels like a real character, and the show itself, is full of serious laughs.

Based on a character created by Azaria, Brockmire follows the titular character after a very public on air meltdown leads him to the small town of Morristown, Penn. His explicit dialouge and antics regarding his wife’s infidelities from 10 years prior, have landed him working for a failing minor league team. Essentially, Mr. Brockmire has peaked. The teams (called the Frackers) owner Jules James (Amanda Peet) and her sidekick Charles (Tyrel Jackson Williams) help the miserable team try to stay on their feet. When Brockmire comes to town, he helps clear up some of the misfortune and brings in some cash.

Brockmire is the ultimate balance of baseball humor and comedic gold. Azaria plays the role perfectly, with the legendary voice and great comedic timing. Although Brockmire is a modern commentator, one cant help but feel the homage being paid to the golden age of baseball. Whether it’s recently retired legends like Mr. Scully or even back in the day here in Minnesota with guys like Herb Carneal. The writing and the dialogue are razor sharp thanks to Azaria as well as series creator Joel Church-Cooper.

Predictably, Jules and Brockmire enter a relationship. Their comedic gravitas and chemistry make for a comedy series relationship that isn’t cliche or unwatchable. Brockmire seems to enjoy where he is at even though his tale is one of redemption. Brockmire is searching for that oh so coveted second chance in a world full of evolving social media. He quickly finds out that with the advent of social media, it isn’t all that hard to be right back in the spotlight, as long as one person films you doing something.

Brockmire‘s first season is one of the better first seasons of comedy in recent memory. It’s obscene situational comedy with the flexibility of cables loose standards. With a second season on the way, IFC has found another hit property and another piece of addicting comedy. The show is flat out hilarious and has the makings of a show that has the stamina to stay fresh for a long time.

Best Episode: Episode 8, “It All Comes Down To This”
Worst Episode: Episode 6, “Road Trip”
Season Score: 9.0
Consensus: Thanks to great character development and a terrific lead performance from Hank Azaria, Brockmire soars above traditional comedic fare to be a fresh take on the often wearisome underdog tale.