“The Bicameral Mind”

The thrill that it has been watching season 1 of Westworld has finally come to a close. While, we’ll have to wait until 2018 for the show to return, the finale answered several questions which we were dying to know. I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible but there will be some minor spoilers as this show is hard to discuss without spoiling it. You’ve been warned if you’d ever like to watch the brilliant Westworld.

From the very first episode of this season, we dove into the ultra layered and insanely complex series. Right away, the show made us question the reality of these characters and make us guess who is a host and who isn’t. We also quickly establish the rules of the game thanks to the Man In Black and his journey to find the maze. Dolores and Maeve we come to find are seeking the same things. How do they get out? Why are they trapped? What is Dr. Ford truly up to? Several characters meet a tragic end but thr finale is somehow able to tie up all of these loose ends.

In the finale, we find out his true identity, what he is after. It is a most disappointing ending for the Man In Black who finds the maze is not what he once thought it to be. We also come to find out his importance in the overall scheme of Westworld and the inner workings of the park. Ed Harris has portrayed this character perfectly, and I am interested to see where he goes after it being revealed he will be involved in season 2.

It is Dolores who finds what the Man In Black was looking for. The secrets behind the maze. And in a way, it seems it was always going to be Dr. Ford’s plan to help everyone find this coveted prize. Maeve finds it in her way. She continues to recruit and manipulate her way out of the game. We also come to wonder if Ford is involved in this as well.

Speaking of Ford, we come to find he is truly the mastermind behind most of the plotting going on in season 1. We don’t really know what to think of Ford. Is he a good guy? Is he the pure evil the show has painted him to be? Hopkins plays this role so brilliantly and is perfectly nuanced that maybe we come to find he is finishing the mysterious work Arnold started and what the MiB is searching for.

We also find out Logan and William’s quest turns out to be a life changing one.

This is truly a brilliant show and a breathtaking finale. Though we have to wait for a year or so to see how everything will play out, Westworld satisfyingly wraps up what may be the best debut season of any television series I have watched. Every aspect of this show is perfectly choreographed by Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy. It’s as if they thought of everything. Normally it would be weird for a show to wrap up every loose end from a season. Most shows love to use cliffhangers. However, while it does answer many questions, it creates more intriguing one. The most obvious of which being, where do we go from here?

But for now we wait, theorize and wait for the calendar to turn to the season 2 premiere. These violent delights did truly have violent ends, and it couldn’t have ended better.